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BTGFIN services will be closed until further notice, due to administration purposes and requiring a break to come back fresh to start our next chapter for 2022!


The Digital Divide Affects All

Whilst listening to the media and reading  publications in regards to digital poverty that has affected families since the lock down due to Covid-19. Discussions had taken place amongst families and from these discussions, families had shared  their frustrations and revealed that they were struggling with home learning for their children due to not having a device to complete their studies on.


The diversity of families who had shared their experiences had varied, including those with disabilities, social workers and support workers, for whom had been left without support to help aid their children even after they had shared their concerns to professionals.


Families were forced into extremely difficult situations where they were left to choose between food and homeschooling for their families. Bridge the Gap saw a need to refer families for support for food and hot meals as the high demand for such support was required alongside needing a device for their children.


The Department for Education in England had promised laptops to be lent to some poorer teenagers, as well as disadvantaged Year 10 pupils without access to a computer, and those with social workers. However, we know not everyone has access to a social worker or be classed as disadvantaged by the system. Therefore families were left without support to help aid their children.  For this reason Bridge the Gap was created to help families access services in the community according to their needs. 

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Donate a Device - Drop off

We are currently only accepting drop offs for laptops every Wednesdays between 11:30am and 3pm at the following address:

1 Alpine Grove

Hackney, London E9 7SX
Drop off date and time need to be confirmed before donations are accepted.
Please call us on 07305 989983 or 07862 737714 or email us at


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Feedback from families we supported!


What did you find helpful about the service provided by us?


"I can't thank them enough. This will really help my family and myself to get online support and physical support. We are so grateful." (Estelle, Dalston)


"The tech was so helpful to my child as they can all share to do work and play." (Shukri, Stoke Newington)


"Melissa is amazing her ongoing support and kind words no matter what time has really helped me stay positive. The device for my son will definitely help him catch up on work and the referral for the grant will be a massive help." (Annabel, Clissold)


Can you tell us a little bit of what your experience was like before receiving support from our service?


"I couldn't afford a device for my children to use and it was very difficult having four children that needed to access the internet for school work."

(Simone, Hoxton)


"It wasn't as bad as most family but when school lockdown all 4 kids were at home and only one laptop to use between them my youngest daughter have learning difficulty and the school on a provide school work on paper and on the Internet which she could not access most of the time." (Abbie, Shoreditch)


"I’m looking after twin 2 year old and a 7 year old alone. I've been close to a breakdown many days. I've just moved address and had to apply for universal credit and have no gone nearly 5 weeks with no money I currently dependent on family and friends to help me out but as the covid 19 is still at large it’s been very hard to get that support from people who would usual help me day to day. The computer means my son has time to be a child play some games and has something to do away from his crying sisters. The grant also means I can buy them a bed this is so helpful." (Annett, Victoria park)


Would you recommend our services to other families in need? If yes or no, please state why!


"Yes as this has been a huge help." (Amie, London Fields)


"Yes. Cause in this time many are in need and bridge the gap is doing exactly that with limited resources and funding but they are going the extra mile to help families in any way they can." (Mesha, Upper Clapton)


"Yes, as they are really working hard when other services don't help such as social workers." (Louise, Newington green)


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