Services We Provide

  • Collection/ delivery and provision of Laptops, Desktop computers, Tablets/Ipads, Gaming consoles, Printers and Phones to families.

  • Data wiping

  • Signposting And Referrals 

  • Virtual tutoring for children (Limited, depending upon tutors availability)

  • Network and well being support for families 

  • Digital resource packs for families on how to use some of the apps required for children's home learning.  

Signposting and Referral service

The service aims to ensure:

  1. Families are empowered and are able to get access to local information, support and networks in order to live well in their communities. We aim to support them to develop capacity for change and build resilience. 
  2. Greater support for families is provided which can result in improved  health, at a Mental, Physical and Emotional level. 
  3. More local Support providers, Community Helpers and Employers are enabled in effectively and successfully supporting Local Families affected by a range of situations.