Donate a Device - Drop off

Devices can be dropped off at the address below every week on Wednesdays between 11:30am and 3pm.

1 Alpine Grove

Hackney, London E9 7BY
Drop off date and time need to be confirmed before donations are accepted.
Please call us on 07305989983 or email us at


Donate a Device - Collection

We accept Laptops, Ipads, Tablets, Desktops, Mobile phones, Gaming consoles and Printers. Devices that were manufactured prior to 2012 will not be accepted for refurbishment. All devices are cleaned and personal data is wiped out safely and securely prior to being refurbished.

Please Note: Currently we are only able to support the children and families within the Borough of Hackney. Hence any devices that are donated will go to the residents of the Borough of Hackney.

Digital Donations Gallery